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Property Management

We manage both residential and commercial properties, with the main aim of preserving your property values and maximizing the efficient use of the property. We are a client-centric company with a focus on satisfying our clients and yours.


CRS will conduct routine inspections of all properties.


We communicate on behalf of clients as authorized. CRS will be the primary point of contact for all day-to-day property management matters. 

Provider Management

CRS will manage service providers including the inspection and certifying of work done and the arrangement of payment where necessary.


CRS will implement a proactive maintenance strategy to mitigate risk. This will include the timely servicing and maintenance of the properties and the relevant equipment.


CRS is a technology enabled company that utilizes the appropriate tools to maximize efficiency. We utilize industry standard property management software to monitor expenses, activities, and other accounts.

Legal Services

At Complete Realty Solutions Limited, we have a conveyancing attorney on board who has decades of experience dealing with complex land matters.


CRS provides regular written reports on the properties including any issues identified and our recommendations.