Shelly-Ann Bernard

I started house hunting in 2019 officially, I went on Facebook and saw Complete Realty Solutions information and decided to follow them. That was one of the best follows in the history of my Facebook life. Lol! My first attempt at placing an offer on a house I had interest in was a failure and so I got a bit demotivated and decided I would give searching a break. At the start of 2020 I had two goals, purchasing a home was one of them. In January I received a call from Complete Realty Solutions to say they have a house I might be interested in. Based on the cost of the house and the location. I did not hesitate; I told them yes I am interested. The process was rather smooth; I was pleased with how things turn out. Today September 1, 2020, I am sitting in my own living room with no regrets of choosing Complete Realty Solutions as my agents in searching for a home. Thank you Complete Realty Solutions for making my dream a reality

by Shelly-Ann Bernard
Client Advisor